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3000 Miles to a Cure

R42, R43

The mission of 3000 Miles to a Cure is to end brain cancer by raising funds for research, extending an open invitation to unite in hope and action for the cure.

AMBUCS / AmTryke


National AMBUCS™, Inc., the manufacturers of AmTryke® therapeutic tricycle, is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities.

ATOC / Draftmaster Racks

1007, 1008

ATOC has a full line of roof top and hitch-mount racks, including the Draftmaster, for recumbent bikes, 'delta' and 'tadpole' recumbent trikes, and recumbent tandem bikes.


R48, R49

AZUB manufactures World Class quality recumbents, folding trikes and recumbent tandems. AZUB Bike will exhibit 6 exciting recumbent models and their clever travel suitcase/trailer to transport and tow behind the TRIcon, along with many adaptive solutions for the TRIcon trike. Their demo models will include: AZUB MAX with under-seat steering; AZUB SIX w/above-seat steering; AZUB TWIN recumbent tandem; folding AZUB ORIGAMI; AZUB T-Tris folding trike; and 2 AZUB TRIcon Ultra Folding Trikes with rear suspension.

Buddy Bike, LLC


The Buddy Bike® is the alternative inline tandem bicycle that places the "stoker" in the front seat. The features of the Buddy Bike offer adaptive outdoor recreation and therapeutic activity to riders with cognitive or physical disabilities who may not be able to ride a bicycle safely on their own.

CruzBike / Maria Parker

R42, R43

Cruzbike's unique front-wheel-drive recumbent technology is found on all four of their popular models; Ventetta, Silvio, Quest, and Sofrider.

Meet Maria Parker, the winner of Race Across America (RAAM) at the Cruz Bikes booth. Besides beating the six-time champ, Maria won the Seana Hogan Award: First Female Finisher, the Rookie of the Year Award, and the Trane Unstoppable Award. It's also the first time a women over 50 has won the overall award.

Easy Load Ramp System

A1, A2, A3

Easy Load is a new ramp system designed to make it simple and easy for the able bodied or mobility limited person to load or unload tadpole trikes in/out of SUVs, Pick-Ups, Vans or other transporting devices.

Easy Racers


Since 1979, Easy Racers has produced innovative recumbent cycles like the new Ti-Rush 2.0, Tour Easy, Gold Rush, Javelin, C-Rush, and has set many world speed and distance records.

Edge Recumbents

R1, R2, R3

Edge Recumbents feature upgrades to long-beloved models such as the D'Jango, Hepcat, Canto, Taiko, Koosah, Jetcreek and others. All bikes are Made In The U.S.A. in Tennessee.

Freedom Concepts

1009, R14, TSA4

“Creating a cycle of mobility” Freedom Concepts was founded in 1991 by Ken Vanstraelen, and has been imagining, designing, and building a full line of special needs bicycles and mobility devices for over 20 years.


1026, 1027, TS13, TS14

Greenspeed's extensive lineup of recumbent trikes includes the new Magnum, the gt1, gt3 and gt5, x1 Sport, x3 Sport, x5 Sport, the Anura delta trike, the new Anura Quad, and the gtt recumbent tandem.

Hase USA / RAD Innovations

1021, 1022, 1023, R18

Hase Bikes manufactures high quality recumbent bikes and trikes, including the electric-assist Klimax and the TRIX mobility trike. They will be represented by RAD Innovations.

HP Velotechnik

1019, 1020

German-made recumbent trikes include the Gekko, Gekko fx, Scorpion, Scorpion fx, fs 20 & fs 26. Recumbent bikes include the Spirit, Grasshopper fx, Street Machine Gte and the Speedmachine.

Hummingbike Electric Bikes


HummingBikes e-bikes feature electric-assist riding in several models, including the Stowaway LI, Patrol LI, Trike and the new Stowaway II.

ICE Trikes

TS3, TS4

Trikes from ICE-Inspired Cycle Engineering include the fully-suspended folding Adventure and Sprint, and the high-performance Vortex.



KMC is the leading manufacturer of bicycle chain, using state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to produce chain of the highest quality available.

LaidBack Cycles


LaidBack Cycles is "NorCal's #1 Source For Recumbent Trikes" and a dealer for TerraTrike and Greenspeed Trikes.

Lightfoot Cycles

TS9, TS10

Lightfoot Cycles offers recumbent bikes, including the Rambler, World Traveler, Ranger and Bigfoot Ranger; Trikes and Quads include the Greenway, Ariel, and the Duo 'sociable' tandem quad.

Lightning Cycle Dynamics

L-1, TS1, TS2

Lightning Cycle Dynamics has a recumbent bicycle line-up that includes the Phantom II, the Phantom Quad, The P-38, P-38 Voyager, F-40, and the carbon fiber R-84 and F-90.

Linear Recumbents / Bicycle Man


Engineered and bulit in the U.S., the Linear lineup of recumbents includes the long wheelbase Limo with underseat steering, and the short wheelbase Roadster, available with over or under-seat steering.

Pederson Bikes


In 1978, Jesper Sølling re-discovered the Pedersen design and began building frames. After more than a century, Pedersen's design continues to be an example of unique craftsmanship in a world of mass-produced convention. Pedersen bicycles are a link to the past, when cycling brought independence and freedom of movement, when quality was apparent, when details mattered, when style was beautiful.

RANS Designs, Inc.


RANS has been synonymous with the words Recumbent Bicycle since 1973. RANS pioneered many of the innovations found on recumbents currently popular in the marketplace, and features 12 recumbent bicycle and tandem recumbent bicycles in their lineup. Don't miss their 2013 RANS Rally, celebrating 40 years of bikes.

Recreation Systems, Inc.

TS11, TS12

Recreation Systems, Inc., based in Utah, will introduce the TRIOT, a sophisticated new recumbent tadpole trike, at Recumbent Cycle-Con! The TRIOT is the product of extensive research and engineering and boasts innovative features not previously available in the recumbent trike market. The TRIOT will be available in pedal-only and electric-assist versions. Both versions include full suspension, a unique air-bladder seat and advanced controls for shifting and braking. See if first at Recumbent Cycle-Con!

Recumbent Journal / BentRiderOnline


Recumbent Journal and Bentrider Online are the leading online sources for recumbent information.

Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine


RTR Magazine is the world's only magazine dedicated to the riders and enthusiasts of tandem and recumbent bicycles. Each issue includes bike and equipment reviews, riding tips, travel stories, technical advice and maintenance ideas from some of the leading tandem and recumbent cycling experts.

Rohloff / Cycle Monkey


The Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 rear hub with 14 speeds has been developed to produce reliability, perfect single gear ratios, wide range of gears, low maintenance and easy operation; its weight and efficiency. The sealed gearbox ensures reliability and durability even under the toughest conditions. The even increments of 13.6% between gears make it possible to ride continuously at peak performance. The overall range makes sure that you always have access to the right gear regardless of situation.

Cycle Monkey is the sole North American Service Partner for the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14.

Safe Cycling Advocates



Schlumpf Speed/Mountain Drive / Cycle Monkey


Swiss manufacturer Schlumpf Innovations produces two-speed, planetary gear-driven crank/bottom bracket systems. With a Schlumpf Speed Drive, Mountain Drive, or High Speed Drive, you can expand the gear range of a single-speed, fixed-gear, or internal gear hub-equipped bike while maintaining a clean look.

Cycle Monkey is a US dealer for all three of Schlumpf's gearing systems

Second Summer Tours


Second Summer Tours offers special custom group/club cycling tours; as well as special projects for businesses within the cycling industry. Escape to exotic destinations to ride your bike: free from cold, snow, and layers of gear. If it sounds like paradise, that's the whole idea.

Sun Bicycles

TS5, TS6, TS7, TS8

Since 1972, Sun Bicycles has always been and always will be about the bike - all day, every day. Bikes features the Tour Easy LE recumbent, EZ-1 SX recumbent, EZ-3 TX Tadpole Trike; EZ-3 USX HD Trike, EZ-Sport AX recumbent, EZ-Sport CX recumbent, EZ-Tandem AX recumbent, EZ-TriClassic SX trike, T3 CX Tadpole trike, A3 AX-trike and the EZ Quadri-Bent kit.



Exquisite recumbent parts and accessories.


1015, 1016, R43

TerraTrike's extensive lineup of recumbent trikes includes the Rover, Rambler, Tour II, Sportster and Tandem.

Trident Trikes


Charlotte, North Carolina-based Trident Trikes offers nine models of recumbent trikes including Stowaway, Monorail and Chamelion. Visit their booth to ride the Trident Chameleion Convertitrike Tandem/Single at RC-C!

Trike Asylum (Steve Greene)  















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